Growing Up Human (Lifespan Psychology)

(Clockwise from top-left: Nicholas Hoe, Sybella Ng, Siew Ju Li, Prof Alvin Ng, Carol Wong, Prof Cecilia Essau, Dr Woo Pei Jun, Prof Graeme Wilkinson)

On 3 March, we had our final forum for WHATSUP with Psychology forum series - Lifespan Psychology, an exploration of the psychology and interactions of humans from birth through childhood, adulthood, and the golden years. For the finale, we launched Growing Up Human, a book that sheds light on the psychology of humans through different life stages, based on Erik Erikson’s theory on psychosocial development offers insight into the challenges each step brings along with overcoming them. We hope you found these sessions engaging and that you have a better understanding of the role psychology plays in your lives.