Model Essays (Second Edition)

Economics: Model Essays is the 2nd edition best-selling revision guide that helps students gain a strong grade in the essay component of the 2023–2025 Cambridge International AS & A Level Economics (9708) examination paper.



This book contains over 50 new model essays covering each syllabus unit to aid understanding on how to effectively approach essay questions. Each model essay is accompanied by an essay outline that presents a clear essay structure comprising an Introduction, Body and Conclusion.

In addition to various tips, conceptual diagrams on basic economics concepts are also included in the book to give an overall insight into each subject topic.

This book is suitable for students taking Paper 2 and Paper 4 of the Cambridge International AS & A Level Economics (9708).




How to use this book


AS Level

1 Basic Economic Ideas and Resource Allocation

2 The Price System and the Microeconomy

3 Government Microeconomic Intervention

4 The Macroeconomy

5 Government Macroeconomic Intervention

6 International Economic Issues


A2 Level

7 The Price System and the Microeconomy

8 Government Microeconomic Intervention

9 The Macroeconomy

10 Government Macroeconomic Intervention

11 International Economic Issues

Wong Wai Leong is an Economics lecturer at Sunway College, Malaysia with more than 25 years of teaching experience. His students have won Cambridge Top in the World and Top in Malaysia awards in A Level Economics.

Ngew Shook Ying has taught IGCSE and A Level Economics for 10 years. She is currently an examiner for Cambridge Assessment International Education.

Nedumaran Munusamy has 15 years of teaching experience in A Level Economics. He is currently a Senior Lecturer and Head of the A Level Economics department at Sunway College, Malaysia.