Career & Employability



A Practical Guide to Building a Successful Future at Work

Career & Employability: A Practical Guide to Building a Successful Future at Work provides the knowledge, skills, and understanding to be enterprising and proactive in managing a career. While specifically designed for students in university preparatory programmes, the book is value packed with materials for anyone who is keen to develop their career in the constantly changing globalised world.


This book is tailored for students in university preparatory programmes keen on gaining the necessary knowledge and skills to secure and sustain a successful future career.

It comprises key career and employability topics with concise notes and application exercises to help students identify strategic career pathways and opportunities. The book’s hands-on approach acts as an easy guide to developing and improving job prospects in a rapidly evolving modern society.

This book is suitable for students and jobseekers.


  1. Personal and Social Competencies
  2. Professional Competencies
  3. Career Choice
  4. Self-Management Strategies
  5. Strategies for Career Development
  6. Job Opportunities
  7. Cold Canvassing
  8. Innovative Strategies
  9. Job Advertisement
  10. Résumé Writing
  11. Job Application
  12. Job Interview
  13. Equity in the Workplace
  14. Respect in Communication
  15. Cross-Cultural Communication
  16. Global Trends
  17. Risk Management
  18. Training and Retraining
  19. E-Networking
  20. Decision-Making
  21. Work-Life Balance
  22. Employment Opportunities
  23. Being Enterprising
  24. Resource Management
  25. Problem-Solving
  26. Conflict Resolution
  27. Organisational Structures
  28. Organisational Restructuring and Workplace Reform
  29. Managing Changes
  30. Efficiency and Sustainability
  31. Health and Safety
  32. Work Rights

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Jason Soh has over 10 years of experience teaching Accounting and Finance, and Career and Enterprise subjects. He is currently a senior lecturer in the Australian Matriculation programme at Sunway College, Malaysia.