Personal Financial Planning



A Comprehensive Guide to Personal Financial Planning in Malaysia

Personal Financial Planning: A Comprehensive Guide to Personal Financial Planning in Malaysia is a comprehensive guide on personal financial planning tailored for the Malaysia context, covering a wide range of relevant topics including consumer credit management, tax planning, bonds and shares, unit trust, real estate, insurance, estate planning, and an overview of Islamic wealth management.



Whether you are an undergraduate student, aspiring or experienced financial planner, or just an average Malaysian looking for help to plan your finances, this holistic manual will have all your personal financial planning needs covered. It has also been endorsed by the Malaysian Financial Planning Council.

This book is suitable for finance students, practitioners, and the general public.


Praise for Personal Financial Planning



1 Introduction to Personal Financial Planning

2 Managing Your Personal Finances

3 Managing Consumer Credit

4 Tax Planning

5 Investments in Bonds and Shares

6 Investments in Unit Trusts

7 Investment in Real Estate

8 Life, Medical and Takaful Insuranceg

9 General Insurance

10 Estate Planning

11 Retirement Planning

12 Overview of Islamic Wealth Management

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Joyce Nga was previously an auditor and financial controller, and has over 20 years of experience in teaching corporate finance, financial planning, business ethics, and credit management. She is currently a Senior Lecturer of Finance at Sunway University.

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