Popular Music in East and Southeast Asia



Sonic (under)Currents and Currencies

Popular Music in East and Southeast Asia: Sonic (under)Currents and Currencies presents contemporary perspectives of the music discipline in East and Southeast Asia. It considers global influences, national industries, and regional genres with examples from Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Taiwan, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, and the United States.

This book serves as an introduction to music genres, artists, and contemporary discourses in and of the East and Southeast Asian region. It contains local perspectives on the conceptualisation of genres, scenes, and industries, and offers a comprehensive inter-Asia matrix for popular music studies.

Contributors to the book touch upon a breadth of topics—such as historicity, masculinity and feminism, fandom cultures, cinema, gender identity, and politics—and render the book a useful source of current popular music discourses.

This book is suitable for educators, researchers, and music enthusiasts.

Inter-Asia Popular Music Studies 2020

  1. Rocking “Onward Singapore”: The Ethnopolitics of Singing a National Anthem
    Adil Johan
  2. Defenders of the Faith: How Internet Bulletin Boards Gave Rise to the Taiwanese Extreme Metal Community
    Bartosz Czerwiński
  3. Subversive, Still in the Middle Ground: CHAI’s Assertions and Male Discourse of Authenticity
    Chiharu Chujo
  4. How Digital Technology Contributes to the Growth of Small Independent Record Companies in Hong Kong
    Edmond Tsang
  5. Hitback: The Ballad as Venue for Political Protest in the Philippines
    Florentino A Iniego, Jr
  6. Persona of A-Mei in Transition: Fan Identity and Identification
    Gui Ren(桂仁)
  7. Seiko Matsuda’s Concert and the AI Singing of Hibari Misora
    Hiroshi Ogawa
  8. K-Pop in Malaysian Popular Music Education: Yea or Nay?
    Hueyuen Choong
  9. Post-Local Pop in the Post-Global Condition?: The Case of Korean Indie Rock From 2007 to 2019
    Hyunjoon Shin
  10. The Introduction of American Folk Songs in South Korea and Japan: Focusing on YMCA and Rōon (Workers’ Music Association)
    Janghee Son
  11. Burgerkill Plays Dayton: The Arrival of Indonesian Metal in Ohio
    Jeremy Wallach & Esther Clinton
  12. Creating a Local Music Scene and Translocal Network: Taking DIY Label Qiii Snacks Records in Guangzhou, China as an Example
    Jianzhe Chen
  13. Louder Than Hell: The Rise of Latinx and Native American Metal
    Luis Zapata
  14. In Search of a Sonic Space by Asian Artists: Performance of Indonesian Expanded Cinema with Live Stereophonic Sound in Japan
    Madoka Fukuoka
  15. Echoes of Times: A Study of Choral Arrangements of Taiwan Pop Songs
    Mali Liu
  16. Gender Troubles in Japanese Popular Music Culture?: The Case of Female Idols from “Gay Town”
    Mana Kamioka
  17. Popular Music and Fandom in the Smartphone Era
    Masae Yoshimitsu
  18. Popularising Heritage and the Electronic Keyboard in Malaysia and Indonesia
    Mayco A Santaella
  19. Representing Masculinity Through the Wind: Historiography of China Wind and the Chinese Nation
    Na Li
  20. Is “HINOMARU” a Patriotic Song?: From the Point of View of Reception
    Nene Taira
  21. Music Heals: An Analysis of BTS’ Fan Song “Magic Shop”
    Nur Lina Anuar
  22. “Malaysia Truly Asia”: A Nation-Branding Campaign Song Firmly Rooted in Multi-Ethnic Origins
    Shazlin Amir Hamzah
  23. Trans-Pacific Trajectories of “China Nights”: From a Japanese Wartime Song to Memories of the Far East in the United States
    Shin Aoki
  24. The “Modern” in Sundanese Music Broadcast over the Radio in the 1930s and 1940sShota Fukuoka
    Shota Fukuoka
  25. The Aesthetics and DIY Ethics of DJs as Asian Music Collectors
    Taeyoon Kim & Haemin Ryu
  26. Negotiating Musician Identities: Busking Musicians and YouTube Musicians in Hong Kong
    Vicky Ho
  27. The Rise of the Godfather of Broken Hearts: The Disruption of Local Music’s Campursari Through Didi Kempot’s Music Performances
    Wahyudi Akmaliah
  28. Research on the “Chinese Style” Works in the Field of Popular Music: A Case Study on Jay Chou’s Musical Works
    Xiaodan Zhang
  29. Voicing the Muhibah Spirit Through Namewee’s Ali, Ahkao dan Muthu (2017)
    Xin Ying Ch’ng




Mayco A Santaella is an Associate Professor in the Department of Film and Performing Arts, and Associate Dean (International) for the School of Arts at Sunway University, Malaysia.