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We offer English language editing services to academics of Sunway University who wish to submit their research manuscript for journal publications. Our editing services pertain to English grammar/language matters only, and comprise the following types of editing:


Copy Editing

Editing for grammar, spelling and punctuation; checking for consistency of style, facts and data; checking compliance of manuscript format with target journal specifications.


Substantive Editing

Editing to ensure clarity, elimination of repetitive/redundant text, appropriateness of reading level, and logical flow of sentences/paragraphs; checking that the title/headings accurately reflect the content and that the abstract includes all essential information.


Please note that the service rendered does not include manuscript formatting nor review of research content.


There are two levels of editing that can be requested:

  • Level 1 – Copy Editing only
  • Level 2 – Copy Editing and Substantive Editing


We recommend Level 2 editing if time permits. The time taken to complete each manuscript depends on the level of editing requested for. Level 2 is considerably longer than Level 1 and usually requires a minimum of two (2) weeks. The actual delivery date in both cases depends on the length of the manuscript and will be advised by the Editor upon receipt of your request. 


If you wish to engage our editing services, please append the following documents in your request:

  • Completed Editing Request Form (download here)
  • Manuscript (in MS Word format)
  • Sample paper from a recent volume of your target journal (preferably on a similar topic)
  • Style guide and specifications of your target journal (downloaded copy or link to journal website)

Please e-mail your request and all necessary documents to: