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Style Guide

As a general rule, we adhere to the framework of the Chicago Manual of Style. The following are some recommended general guidelines when preparing your manuscript:


  • Usage of British spellings over American spellings (e.g., “colour” not “color”; “organise” not “organize”; “programme” not “program”)
  • Usage of italics for emphasis and foreign words
  • Usage of author-date system for references and in-text citations
  • Express numbers below 10 in words (e.g., two, nine) and numbers 10 and above in numerals
  • If you have illustrations, please include them within the text and separately as high resolution files (JPEG or TIFF format)  


Please note that we do make exceptions to the aforementioned guidelines, on a case-by-case basis. Your Editor will be able to guide and provide you with the necessary information.​