Spotlight on Research

Levelling Up Research Commercialisation

Innovation requires collaboration

Finding Myself in Research

My research odyssey and the people I met along the way

The Power of Deep Reinforcement Learning

Maximising the potential of next-generation technologies with a better-than-human AI approach

Housing Prices and Affordability in Malaysia

A look into the supply-side drivers of housing prices

Indian Overseas Migrants in the Colonial Era

Exploring the origins and contributions of 19th-century Indian labourers

Is Plastic Circular Economy the Solution?

Examining the resource circulation system and its role in plastic waste management

Treating Rheumatoid Arthritis

Translating bedside observation to bench research

Getting the Bear Facts

High human impact, a critical lack of knowledge and too few conservation efforts threaten the future of Asian bears

The Power of Music

Exploring the world from behind a trombone

Does Corporate Internationalisation Improve Firm Performance?

Understanding why some international firms thrive while others fail

Demystifying Islamic Hospitality

Understanding Islamic hospitality and identifying the challenges facing the industry

Audience Participation in Classical Music

Introducing the element of chance by allowing the audience to influence a performance

The Economic Voting Puzzle of Malaysia

Disentangling the disconnect between national-level economic statistics and on-the-ground realities in explaining Malaysia’s election outcomes

Detecting HFMD: A Virologist’s Race against Time

The tragic deaths of young children from HFMD drove Professor Poh’s research focus towards HFMD and enterovirus 71.

Student Consumption and Debt in Victorian Oxford

Examining male undergraduate consumer culture and trade in the famous University town during the 19th century.

Islamic Finance: The Way Forward

The principles of Islamic finance have been around for centuries but modern-day finance sectors still do not fully understand the advantages of Islamic finance.

An Ongoing Battle with Dengue

To develop an effective vaccine against dengue, we need to first understand the limitations of existing vaccines and how to overcome them.

Nanotechnology in Harnessing Solar Energy

The solar energy industry is beset with issues concerning its efficiency as a renewable energy source. Perhaps the solution lies in the smallest of things …

Could Low-Dose Radiation Be Beneficial for Us?

There is growing research that suggests low doses of radiation may actually have positive effects on humans.

Building Our Bridge in Diversity

To create a workplace culture that is truly inclusive, we start by listening and valuing the opinions of everyone.

Finding Yourself on a Bench

Sitting on a bench offers more than rest. It offers time to contemplate, reflect and experience.